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Web of Science***
h-index (Hirsch)13115
g-index (Egghe)211814
Total times cited465356211
Citations / cited paper15.412.39.2

h-index (Hirsch)12117
g-index (Egghe)221915
Total times cited512400253
Citations / cited paper16.012.59.4

Google Scholar***
h-index (Hirsch)161211
g-index (Egghe)272421
Total times cited977724548
Citations / cited paper11.410.510.2

January 2021
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Online listings

Web of Science : 1015529
Publons : 1746029
ResearcherID : A-7863-2011
Scopus : 6602096075
ORCID : 0000-0003-2777-7541
Google Scholar : PmrtLngAAAJ
ResearchGate : Horia_Pop
UEFISCDI ID: U-1700-029S-3544

Professor and habilitation criteria (OMECS 6129/20.12.2016)

Minimal valuesSelf-evaluation
(B) Scientific production
A*+A+B+C ≥ 56 pts193 pts
A*+A ≥ 24 pts146 pts
A*+A+B ≥ 40 pts158 pts
(C) Impact of results
A*+A+B+C+D ≥ 120 pts1423.17 pts
A*+A+B ≥ 40 pts1050 pts
(D) Academic performance
60 pts256.50 pts
Total points
236 pts1872.17 pts
At least one project, with a team
of at least two members, obtained
by (inter-)national competition
March 2021

Publications count

ISI + CORE + Scopus
Journal papers35
Conference papers26
Journal papers37
Conference papers23
Book reviews9
Journal papers14
Conference papers9
Symposium presentations14
Books: accredited publishers13
University material13
Software for scientific use9
Independent citations
January 2021

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